What are the major advantages of air freight?

In this mechanical world, everyone is moving from one place to another to explore or in want of certain things. There are different modes of transport like land, water, and air. In all these modes, people can travel and there is the possibility of transportation of goods as well. Passenger airlines are there to carry the passengers and carry the goods along with the person. But Air Cargo facilities are to transfer the aircraft and other goods. These do not carry the passengers and it is faster than other types of movements. Here the movement of goods is domestic or international and comprises air freight, airmail, and air express. It is the express shipment across the globe and facilitates the transportation of jewelry, food, flower, vaccines, and medical materials.

It is a means of fast shipping, reliable arrival and departure times. You can do shipments anywhere, secure with low risk, less packaging, no need for warehousing, easy tracking of shipments. Some handlers are efficient in handling the goods safely. These freights have greater stability to land on the tracks. There are two types:

  • General type–Transfer of high-value goods.
  • Special one–Movement of materials which need special maintenance like temperature control. For example, shipment of livestock.

Situations that lead to the selection of air transport:

  • Stocks in urgent need.
  • More quantity of stocks fast.
  • Spare parts for the aerospace industries.
  • Transport of perishable goods
  • Livestock like animals
  • Plants, drugs, vaccines, pharmaceutical products.
  • Promotes global business, economic growth facilitates trade and tourism.
  • Free from physical barriers helps in easy mobility.
  • Most of the e-commerce shipments are by these air- carriers only.

Integrated express carriers offer the facilities from the place of origin of goods to the destination point with the help of hubs. Combination carriers help to carry both passengers and also the goods. Airfreight works based on the steps like:

  • Selection of shipment provider
  • Registration of shipments and arrangements of goods picked up by trucks.
  • Goods travel near the expressway, and loading happens.
  • After arriving destination, another truck picks the goods and drops them at the destination point.

Introducing the airway bill helps to remove the paper documents, and the information sent before the parcel arrives at the destination. Tracking of the goods throughout the delivery process makes the customers feel top security. Cargo terminal operators help to channelize the delivery smoothly, with no interruption from the point of loading to the destination. Because of technological improvements, the airline’s changes from robotic systems to drones.


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