Who is the lawyer of the office ?


The solicitor is the lawyer assigned to you by the state whenever you are investigated  in a criminal case.

Your freedom is at stake in the criminal trial, therefore you must be guaranteed the presence of a lawyer in order to understand what is happening to you and be protected in the best possible way criminal defence attorney toronto.

Why can’t I stand up for myself?

You can’t stand up for yourself, for the simple reason that you are unable to do so.

The criminal trial has complex rules that only a jurist knows, after all for a surgical intervention you don’t operate alone?

Therefore, to avoid that it “can hurt you” alone in the trial, the law provides that the technical defense is mandatory and must be provided by a lawyer.

Therefore, you will always be in court with the presence of a lawyer, in order to guarantee you the right to defense provided for by the Constitution.

How to apply for an office attorney

When you are investigated in a criminal case, you are automatically assigned an official defender. You do not have to do anything, everything is automated: the proceeding authority will contact the call center of the council of the bar association and you will be assigned an official lawyer.

The difference between legal defense and legal aid

In a lot of confusing the lawyer of the office with the defender paid by the state thanks to the free legal aid. In my opinion, the error is generated by the American films in which we hear the following phrase “if you cannot afford a lawyer, you will be assigned an official defender “.

Is the office lawyer good and competent?

Another myth to dispel is that of considering the  lower- tier legal office attorneys.

The official defender is a lawyer equal to a trusted defender: the same qualification exam, the same training course and the same fee!

In addition, you must know that the lawyer of the office must take a two-year course and be constantly updated on all the legislative innovations relating to criminal law to enroll in the lists of public defenders .

Therefore, have respect for the official defender , who is prepared and concretely guarantees your right to defense provided for by the Constitution.


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