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The term “attorney” conjures up images of courtroom dramas. In truth, the duty of a defence attorney is fairly dissimilar to what you see on television. A defence attorney, whether dealing with criminal or civil issues, is an advocate for the accused, tasked with safeguarding his client’s interests and ensuring that the law functions as it should. However, here is something to know about a defence solicitor in London


It is not uncommon for the prosecutor to call the defence attorney early in a case and make a plea bargain offer. This usually entails the prisoner pleading guilty to a lower crime than the one charged against him by the state.

In exchange, the state saves time and money by avoiding a trial. The criminal receives a reduced sentence. It is the defence attorney’s responsibility to evaluate whether accepting the agreement is in his client’s best interests based on the investigation he has previously conducted. He may even try to bargain with the prosecutor to seek a better deal.

Public defenders

A public defender’s function is equal to that of a private defence attorney, but he may not always be able to dedicate the same amount of time to it as a private defence lawyer. The state employs public defenders to represent defendants who cannot afford to hire an attorney to protect their rights.

At any given time, there may be numerous such defendants in the court system, and a public defender must split his time and attention among all of those assigned to him.

Examining the Situation

A criminal defence attorney’s role begins even before he enters a courtroom for trial. He must have a thorough awareness of every aspect of his client’s case. Some large law firms retain detectives to question state witnesses and potential witnesses for the accused. Other attorneys like defence solicitor in London will conduct this work for themselves, as well as evaluate crime scenes and police reports.

After gathering all relevant material, the defence attorney must assess client’s chances of conviction and begin strategizing how to best present the case to the court.


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