Yoga And The Mind-Body Connection

Science used to believe that the brain and the body were two separate entities that worked independently from each other. However, it was proven many years later that this was not the case.

The mind and the body were found to be interconnected, so our thoughts and our feelings were found to influence our body. This finding completely changed the way we conceptualized diseases and wellness. If you struggle to tune into your body and thoughts consciously, then one practice that is recommended by psychologists is to start yoga. So, if you are interested, you can check out the Marianne Wells Yoga Teacher Training program.

Yoga helps one tune into their body, and the simple act of moving and stretching can help people learn to pay more attention to their bodies and what it is trying to communicate. A great example is different stretches, as try to stretch and open our body, we will have to pay attention to how much our body can comfortably handle and when it is at its limit and you have to stop. This simple act of paying attention to your body and its signals can help you tune into your body’s natural rhythm. When you know what your body feels like at neutral, you will be able to gauge when it is feeling anything else as well.

Yoga is also a great practice to help one tune into their thoughts better. When you are simply moving and only paying attention to that act of movement, you can learn to pay attention to your thoughts slowly. This can develop into a habit of paying to one’s thoughts and one’s body signals and then using the signals from the two to figure out what you are feeling internal before you take any action, which is a wise way to live.


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