What Are The Different Types Of Garage Floor Epoxy?

Not many consider the idea of having good flooring for the garage but then regret it later after everything has been set in place. This is because, they usually abandon the thought that your garage is also a place in your property, which should match with the design on your property.

Having a hard cemented and greasy garage floor in contrast with the wonderful house that you built, would be like adding cycle tires to a plane. This is why you should focus on the flooring of your garage, before keeping everything in place and designing the area.

What would be the best option, when it comes to flooring?

Flooring is considered to be a tedious job. Considering that you have to apply everything in place, and integrate it seamlessly so that you won’t have any nubs and stubs pulling out that could ruin your experience, is considered to be something to do with extreme caution. When we talk about cemented or marble flooring options, you see that they have more disadvantages, and you won’t find them to be good.

There is another option that you can try which is called epoxy flooring. If you go for a garage floor epoxy, you would have something which is completely durable and sustainable. There are many advantages concerning garage floor epoxy, considering the dilemma of cemented and marble flooring.

Why go for epoxy flooring?

The most important reason for this would be the fact that it is completely customizable and you can get whichever colour or style that you want for your floor on the epoxy. Another important reason is that it is cheaper than other alternatives, and looks more beautiful than its counterparts.

When we talk about the chemistry behind the flooring option that you would choose, you see that you would get two different liquids which would be a gel and a high resistance polymer, that you would have to mix in equal proportions.

This stand reaction is what makes the epoxy so durable, and yet plastic in nature. Although the floor has high tensile strength, it is completely sustainable and you would even find it to be slightly elastic. Epoxy flooring is exceptionally durable, plastic in nature, and easy to apply. It is also confirmed by numerous tests, that usually the floor of your garage gets hit with almost everything, including dropping your heavy tools. This is exactly why garage floor epoxy would be the best option.


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