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Bali Villas

Bali Villa Reservation features a great selection of fully staffed villas that have been hand-chosen specifically for attributes such as locality, service and facilities, located in tranquil settings and feature facilities such as private swimming pool, tropical garden, outdoor bathroom, equipped kitchen and separate living and dining environments. Some of our villas are also highlighted by a personal Jacuzzi and traditional Balinese lounging pavilion to heighten the degree of luxury and comfort provided.

In addition to modern amenities, any villa you rent will reflect Balinese lifestyle throughout : floors and walls are made from local wood and natural stone, high roofs cover airy living and dining areas, and large garden bathrooms are full of flowers and plants. And you'll appreciate the comfort and informality you can only experience in a private home.

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Bali Luxury Private Villas for Holiday and Vacation
Villa Intan BaliVilla Intan Bali  None Private Villas
Price: $ 501 - 1000, Seminyak
3 Bedroom Villa Intan is nestled on a quiet lane off Jalan Drupadi and close to ...
Villa Puncak Jimbaran BaliVilla Puncak Jimbaran Bali  None Ocean View Villas
Price: $ 201 - 500, Jimbaran
3 Bedroom Villa - The Puncak Villa is located in Jimbaran, one of the beautiful ...
Villa LeGa BaliVilla LeGa Bali  None Luxury Villas
Price: $ 501 - 1000, Batubelig
5 Bedrooms Villa - Villa LeGa is hidden behind a wall that shields villa guests ...
Villa Anakula BaliVilla Anakula Bali  None Luxury Villas
Price: $ 101 - 200, Legian
2-BEDROOM - Anakula Villas, new luxury villas in Bali. 3 villas of 2 bedrooms e ...
Villa Bidadari BaliVilla Bidadari Bali  None Luxury Villas
Price: $ 501 - 1000, Jimbaran
6 BEDROOM - Villa Bidadari integrates elements of traditional Balinese architec ...
Villa Kakaktua BaliVilla Kakaktua Bali  None Luxury Villas
Price: $ 201 - 500, Canggu
4 BEDROOM - Villas Kakatua are located in Canggu, a 30 minute drive from the ai ...
Villa Infinity BaliVilla Infinity Bali  None Luxury Villas
Price: $ >= 1001, Canggu
8 Bedroom - Infinity Bali is the most exclusive and magical villa Bali has to ...
Villa Jayana BaliVilla Jayana Bali  None Luxury Villas
Price: $ 201 - 500, Seminyak
3 Bedroom Villa - Villa Jayana is the name of two adjacent villa retreats locat ...
Villa Vena BaliVilla Vena Bali  5 Star Beach Front Villas
Price: $ >= 1001, Canggu
6 Bedroom Villa Vena Bali a luxury private beach resort, is an exquisite and su ...
Villa Awang BaliVilla Awang Bali  None Luxury Villas
Price: $ 501 - 1000, Jimbaran
4 BEDROOM - Villa Awang categorized into uluwatu villas, bali luxury villa, bal ...
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bali Batubelig villas Batubelig (12 villas)
Villa Asli Bali, bali villas Villa Asli Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Alun, bali villas Villa Alun None Luxury Villas
Villa Eden Bali, bali villas Villa Eden Bali Villas Luxury Villas
Villa Clochette Bali , bali villas Villa Clochette Bali  None Luxury Villas
bali Bukit Pecatu villas Bukit Pecatu (15 villas)
Villa Puri Balangan , bali villas Villa Puri Balangan  None Luxury Villas
Villa Lagen Cliff Bali, bali villas Villa Lagen Cliff Bali Boutique Luxury Villas
Villa Karang Bali , bali villas Villa Karang Bali  None Luxury Villas
Villa Ali Agung Bali, bali villas Villa Ali Agung Bali Boutique Luxury Villas
bali Canggu villas Canggu (145 villas)
Villa Frangipani Bali, bali villas Villa Frangipani Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Ambra Bali, bali villas Villa Ambra Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Ba Jabula Bali, bali villas Villa Ba Jabula Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa  Kirgeo Bali , bali villas Villa Kirgeo Bali  None Luxury Villas
bali Gianyar villas Gianyar (1 villas)
Villa Puri Nirwana, bali villas Villa Puri Nirwana None Luxury Villas
bali Jimbaran villas Jimbaran (44 villas)
Villa Awang Bali, bali villas Villa Awang Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Teana Jimbaran, bali villas Villa Teana Jimbaran None Luxury Villas
Jamahal Bali, bali villas Jamahal Bali None Luxury Villas
The Longhouse Villa Bali, bali villas The Longhouse Villa Bali Boutique Luxury Villas
bali Kerobokan villas Kerobokan (21 villas)
Riverside Villas - Three, bali villas Riverside Villas - Three Villas Luxury Villas
Villa Balacatur Bali, bali villas Villa Balacatur Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Alir Bali, bali villas Villa Alir Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Antara Anyar , bali villas Villa Antara Anyar  Villas Luxury Villas
bali Kuta villas Kuta (3 villas)
Bonsai Villas, bali villas Bonsai Villas None Luxury Villas
d'Sriwing Bali Villas, bali villas d'Sriwing Bali Villas None Luxury Villas
Villa Kurnia Bali , bali villas Villa Kurnia Bali  None Luxury Villas
bali Legian villas Legian (20 villas)
Villa Hermosa Bali, bali villas Villa Hermosa Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Baliana Bali, bali villas Villa Baliana Bali None Luxury Villas
Beautiful Bali Villas , bali villas Beautiful Bali Villas  None Luxury Villas
Villa Sundari Bali, bali villas Villa Sundari Bali None Luxury Villas
bali North villas North (2 villas)
Villa Daydream Bali, bali villas Villa Daydream Bali Villas Luxury Villas
IL Mare Villas Bali  , bali villas IL Mare Villas Bali  None Luxury Villas
bali Nusa Dua villas Nusa Dua (31 villas)
Villa Bali Bening, bali villas Villa Bali Bening None Luxury Villas
Villa Sekar Nusa Bali, bali villas Villa Sekar Nusa Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Rumah Bali, bali villas Villa Rumah Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Puri Tirta Bali, bali villas Villa Puri Tirta Bali None Luxury Villas
bali Oberoi villas Oberoi (32 villas)
Villa Blanca Bali , bali villas Villa Blanca Bali  None Luxury Villas
Villa Aria Bali, bali villas Villa Aria Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Cicada Bali, bali villas Villa Cicada Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Isis2 Bali, bali villas Villa Isis2 Bali None Luxury Villas
bali Sanur villas Sanur (26 villas)
Villa Raj - Majapahit Villas Bali, bali villas Villa Raj - Majapahit Villas Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Cemara Sanur Bali, bali villas Villa Cemara Sanur Bali 5 Star Luxury Villas
Villa Leha Leha Bali, bali villas Villa Leha Leha Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Frangipani Sanur, bali villas Villa Frangipani Sanur None Luxury Villas
bali Seminyak villas Seminyak (200 villas)
The Kunja Villas Bali, bali villas The Kunja Villas Bali Villas Luxury Villas
Villa Satya Bali, bali villas Villa Satya Bali None Luxury Villas
Sienna Villas Bali, bali villas Sienna Villas Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Charlie Bali, bali villas Villa Charlie Bali None Luxury Villas
bali Tabanan villas Tabanan (5 villas)
Villa Arjuna Tabanan Bali, bali villas Villa Arjuna Tabanan Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Zolima Bali, bali villas Villa Zolima Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Babar Bali, bali villas Villa Babar Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Pondok Damai Bali, bali villas Villa Pondok Damai Bali None Luxury Villas
bali Tanah Lot villas Tanah Lot (6 villas)
Villa Sunset Golf, bali villas Villa Sunset Golf None Luxury Villas
Villa Kembang Desa , bali villas Villa Kembang Desa  5 Star Luxury Villas
Villa Samudera Bali, bali villas Villa Samudera Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Lembah Hijau Bali, bali villas Villa Lembah Hijau Bali None Luxury Villas
bali Tanjung Benoa villas Tanjung Benoa (0 villas)
bali Ubud villas Ubud (42 villas)
The Mahogany Villa , bali villas The Mahogany Villa  None Luxury Villas
Villa Awang - Awang Bali, bali villas Villa Awang - Awang Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Nefatari Ubud Bali, bali villas Villa Nefatari Ubud Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Uma Cagaan Bali, bali villas Villa Uma Cagaan Bali None Luxury Villas
bali Umalas villas Umalas (39 villas)
Villa Bahagia Bali, bali villas Villa Bahagia Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Baladua Bali, bali villas Villa Baladua Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Onga Bali, bali villas Villa Onga Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Istana Semer Bali, bali villas Villa Istana Semer Bali None Luxury Villas
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