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Bali Villas

Bali Villa Reservation features a great selection of fully staffed villas that have been hand-chosen specifically for attributes such as locality, service and facilities, located in tranquil settings and feature facilities such as private swimming pool, tropical garden, outdoor bathroom, equipped kitchen and separate living and dining environments. Some of our villas are also highlighted by a personal Jacuzzi and traditional Balinese lounging pavilion to heighten the degree of luxury and comfort provided.

In addition to modern amenities, any villa you rent will reflect Balinese lifestyle throughout : floors and walls are made from local wood and natural stone, high roofs cover airy living and dining areas, and large garden bathrooms are full of flowers and plants. And you'll appreciate the comfort and informality you can only experience in a private home.

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Bali Luxury Private Villas for Holiday and Vacation
Villa Nunia BaliVilla Nunia Bali  None Private Villas
Price: $ 201 - 500, Seminyak
2 Bedroom Villa - Villa Nunia residence on a southwestern tip of Bali, Indonesi ...
Antara Villas Antara Villas  None Private Villas
Price: $ 201 - 500, Seminyak
4-Bedroom villa The Antara Villas complex is composed of 3 affordable luxury vi ...
Villa Putri BaliVilla Putri Bali  None Luxury Villas
Price: $ 201 - 500, Jimbaran
3 BEDROOM - Villa Putri Bali Positioned majestically on the hill overlooking Ji ...
Villa Rock Canggu BaliVilla Rock Canggu Bali  None Private Villas
Price: $ 201 - 500, Canggu
We are proud to present 3 BEDROOM VILLA ROCK CANGGU BALI, a unique project whic ...
Villa Bali BeningVilla Bali Bening  None Luxury Villas
Price: $ 201 - 500, Nusa Dua
3 BEDROOM - Villa Bali Bening is one of the very few private villas that enjoy ...
Villa Blink BaliVilla Blink Bali  Villas Luxury Villas
Price: $ 201 - 500, Seminyak
2 - 4 Bedroom - Villa Blink pays tribute to the dynamics of contemporary design ...
Villa Kevala BaliVilla Kevala Bali  None Ocean View Villas
Price: $ 501 - 1000, Nusa Dua
4 Bedroom - Set on the hills of Nusa Dua, nestles villa kevala, a sanctu ...
Villa Nomade BaliVilla Nomade Bali  None Luxury Villas
Price: $ 201 - 500, Seminyak
3 BEDROOM - Villa Nomade Bali is Well decorated and efficient design of this ne ...
Villa KejoraVilla Kejora  None Luxury Villas
Price: $ 201 - 500, Sanur
Villa Kejora is located in prime location on a famous beach and amongst the ma ...
Villa Bayanaka BaliVilla Bayanaka Bali  None Luxury Villas
Price: $ 101 - 200, Canggu
2 BEDROOM - Villa Bayanaka is a Balinese style villa located in Canggu. Blessed ...
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bali Batubelig villas Batubelig (12 villas)
Villa Alun, bali villas Villa Alun None Luxury Villas
Villa Yo Yo Bali, bali villas Villa Yo Yo Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Bunga Desa Bali, bali villas Villa Bunga Desa Bali 5 Star Luxury Villas
Villa Puri Uma Dewi Bali, bali villas Villa Puri Uma Dewi Bali None Luxury Villas
bali Bukit Pecatu villas Bukit Pecatu (15 villas)
Villa Bayuh Sabbha Bali, bali villas Villa Bayuh Sabbha Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Buddha Hill Bali, bali villas Villa Buddha Hill Bali None Luxury Villas
The Istana Villa Bali, bali villas The Istana Villa Bali None Luxury Villas
La Villa I , bali villas La Villa I  None Luxury Villas
bali Canggu villas Canggu (145 villas)
Villa Bunda Bali, bali villas Villa Bunda Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Awali Bali, bali villas Villa Awali Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Sukhavati Retreat Bali, bali villas Villa Sukhavati Retreat Bali 5 Star Luxury Villas
Villa Mary's Beach, bali villas Villa Mary's Beach None Luxury Villas
bali Gianyar villas Gianyar (1 villas)
Villa Puri Nirwana, bali villas Villa Puri Nirwana None Luxury Villas
bali Jimbaran villas Jimbaran (44 villas)
Villa Baja Bali, bali villas Villa Baja Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Bayu Bali, bali villas Villa Bayu Bali None Luxury Villas
Jimbaran Bay Villas Bali, bali villas Jimbaran Bay Villas Bali None Luxury Villas
Lumbini Villas and Spa  , bali villas Lumbini Villas and Spa  Villas Luxury Villas
bali Kerobokan villas Kerobokan (21 villas)
Villa Danoya Bali, bali villas Villa Danoya Bali Villas Luxury Villas
Red Palms Bali, bali villas Red Palms Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Rumah Siam Bali, bali villas Villa Rumah Siam Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Banteng Bali, bali villas Villa Banteng Bali None Luxury Villas
bali Kuta villas Kuta (3 villas)
Villa Kurnia Bali , bali villas Villa Kurnia Bali  None Luxury Villas
d'Sriwing Bali Villas, bali villas d'Sriwing Bali Villas None Luxury Villas
Bonsai Villas, bali villas Bonsai Villas None Luxury Villas
bali Legian villas Legian (20 villas)
Villa Nani Bali, bali villas Villa Nani Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Hermosa Bali, bali villas Villa Hermosa Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Baliana Bali, bali villas Villa Baliana Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Istimewa Bali, bali villas Villa Istimewa Bali None Luxury Villas
bali North villas North (2 villas)
IL Mare Villas Bali  , bali villas IL Mare Villas Bali  None Luxury Villas
Villa Daydream Bali, bali villas Villa Daydream Bali Villas Luxury Villas
bali Nusa Dua villas Nusa Dua (31 villas)
The Hill Villas Bali, bali villas The Hill Villas Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Waru Bali, bali villas Villa Waru Bali None Luxury Villas
Scene Estate , bali villas Scene Estate  None Luxury Villas
Dinasty Estate Bali Villas, bali villas Dinasty Estate Bali Villas 5 Star Luxury Villas
bali Oberoi villas Oberoi (32 villas)
Villa Lakma Bali , bali villas Villa Lakma Bali  None Luxury Villas
The Kayana Villas Bali, bali villas The Kayana Villas Bali Villas Luxury Villas
Villa Cocogrove Bali, bali villas Villa Cocogrove Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Tirta Naga Bali, bali villas Villa Tirta Naga Bali None Luxury Villas
bali Sanur villas Sanur (26 villas)
Villa Raj - Majapahit Villas Bali, bali villas Villa Raj - Majapahit Villas Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Cemara Sanur Bali, bali villas Villa Cemara Sanur Bali 5 Star Luxury Villas
Villa Pavilion Bali, bali villas Villa Pavilion Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Ylang Ylang Bali, bali villas Villa Ylang Ylang Bali 4 Star Luxury Villas
bali Seminyak villas Seminyak (200 villas)
Villa Ramadewa Bali, bali villas Villa Ramadewa Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Talisa Bali, bali villas Villa Talisa Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Nomade Bali, bali villas Villa Nomade Bali None Luxury Villas
The Dusun Bali, bali villas The Dusun Bali Villas Luxury Villas
bali Tabanan villas Tabanan (5 villas)
Villa Babar Bali, bali villas Villa Babar Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Mantra Bali , bali villas Villa Mantra Bali  None Luxury Villas
Villa Zolima Bali, bali villas Villa Zolima Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Pondok Damai Bali, bali villas Villa Pondok Damai Bali None Luxury Villas
bali Tanah Lot villas Tanah Lot (6 villas)
Villa Samudera Bali, bali villas Villa Samudera Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Kembang Desa , bali villas Villa Kembang Desa  5 Star Luxury Villas
Villa Amani Golf Bali, bali villas Villa Amani Golf Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Lembah Hijau Bali, bali villas Villa Lembah Hijau Bali None Luxury Villas
bali Tanjung Benoa villas Tanjung Benoa (0 villas)
bali Ubud villas Ubud (42 villas)
Villa Atas Awan Bali, bali villas Villa Atas Awan Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Naga Bali, bali villas Villa Naga Bali None Luxury Villas
Alam Puri Resort Villas, bali villas Alam Puri Resort Villas Villas Luxury Villas
Villa Kajane Mua Bali, bali villas Villa Kajane Mua Bali None Luxury Villas
bali Umalas villas Umalas (39 villas)
Villa Bugenvil Bali, bali villas Villa Bugenvil Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa M Bali, bali villas Villa M Bali None Luxury Villas
Villa Baladewa Satu  , bali villas Villa Baladewa Satu  5 Star Luxury Villas
Villa Sanil Bali, bali villas Villa Sanil Bali None Luxury Villas
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Bali Beach Front Dining
The south Bali coast has a wonderful selection of warungs and restaurants. Some enjoy the added advantage of being located with an ocean view. Here is a rundown of some of the favourite eating establishments located at the beach.

UNFCCC starts in Nusa Dua Bali
The much anticipated UNFCCC (UN Framework Conference for Climate Change) has started in Nusa Dua Bali. The security levels are significant, with thousands of police and army on standby. The UNFCCC is set to begin December 4th - 15th, 2007. Over 10,000 delegates will attend and Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia.

Bali Rimba Reptile Park
Adjacent to the Bali Bird Park, the Bali Rimba Reptile Park promises to be a fascinating and educational experience for the whole family. Reptiles on display within the green landscape include an eight-meter reticulated python, possibly the largest in captivity, green iguanas, water monitors and crocodiles. An open-air area allows visitors to interact with some of the tamer species. The serpent cave houses a large collection of venomous snakes and the famous Komodo dragons.

Bali Bird Park
Enter a fascinating world of exotic sights and sounds... at Bali Bird Park. Hundreds of the world's rarest and most beautiful birds greet you as you stroll through tropical gardens. The variety and radiance of Indonesian parrots will captivate and enthrall you and rare Cassowaries, Black Palm Cackatoos, Hornbills and one of the world's largest and most varied collection of Birds of Paradise will fascinate you.

Bali Flights - Traveling to Bali by Plane
Bali's International Airport is actually located in Tuban - Kuta but is listed with the airlines under the islands capital city's name Denpasar or DPS. There are a number of major airlines that service Bali.

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Police to chase armed group members in Lanny Jaya
Papuas regional police command chief Brigadier General Yotje Mende said here on Tuesday that the police would chase the armed civilian groups that had attacked police personnel in Lanny Jaya on Monday. "We will continue ... Tue, 29 Jul 2014 23:19:24 +0700

Regional police command sends reinforcements to Lanny Jaya
The chief of Papuas Regional Police Command had deployed reinforcements to Lanny Jaya following a recent attack by an armed civilian group in the district that claimed the lives of two police officers. "The forces will be ... Tue, 29 Jul 2014 21:52:31 +0700

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Getting to know the Mississippi Delta
The Mississippi Delta is a storied region that sets the standard for all things Southern, good and bad. Here are some of our favorite spots to explore.

(Fri, 23 May 2014 13:51:45 EDT)

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